Monday, November 21, 2005

Tracee and I at the comedy club.
The windy city.

Chicago was awesome! Tracee and I had a great time. We ate at some wonderful restaurants and went to see a really funny improv comedy show called Comedy Sportz. It was very crowded on Michigan Avenue, but really neat with the Christmas decorations and decorated store windows. We're already planning a trip back this summer with Emma and Lily (IF Santa brings them their American Girl dolls) to take them to the American Girl Place for a tea party.

Jeff had a great weekend with the kids. He took them to see Chicken Little and out to eat a couple of times. He loves spending time with them. They kept telling him what a great weekend they were having and what a great dad he was--he loved that. To top it all off--all of my laundry was done when I got home and even folded!! AND the house was clean! What a great hubby! Guess I'd better be nice to him for a while--HA HA!

Well, back to reality today. I have a super busy few days ahead before Thanksgiving!!!


Amy said...

I'm jealous! Hey, I could meet you there sometime. Southwest always has the $39 fares to Chicago!