Tuesday, November 22, 2005

OK, here's the story........
On November 9, I was called up to school by the nurse saying that Lily had hurt her arm on the playground. I actually even wrote about it on my blog that day. Well, when I went up there, she seemed fine and wanted to go back to class, so she did. Nothing more was really said about it, except every now and then Lily would say her arm hurt. It didn't stop her from doing cartwheels or going across the monkey bars at school, so I just thought it was a sprain or a bruise that needed time to heel.
Cut to this past weekend when I was gone to Chicago. Jeff was sitting with her in the big chair, and she said it hurt. He started feeling around on it and felt a small bump. He insisted that I take her to the doctor. So this morning I did, fully expecting them to say it's nothing and send us on our way.
Boy, was I wrong. The doctor sent her across the hall for an x-ray. As soon as the x-ray tech was done, she said--wanna see what your picture looks like? I asked, is there a break or anything? She said she was not allowed to tell me--the doctor was supposed to--but she nodded her head and pointed to it. It was as plain as day! I could not believe it and started bawling! It is her ulna and it is broken clean through. Luckily, though, it is not displaced at all and had already started healing. So after going back to the regular doctor's office, where I was consoled with hugs( I was feeling like the absolute worst Mom ever!),it happens that there is an orthopedic doctor in the same complex and we were sent there.
Here I was so upset and Lily was SO excited to be getting a cast! She picked pink of course and luckily it is waterproof. She got her pick--Wendy's-- for lunch and I took her back to school 4 hours later.
The kids in her class immediately swarmed around her when we walked in and she was eating the attention up!
Well, lesson learned------I have a pretty tough little girl and I need to pay better attention when she says she is hurt!! Also, sometimes I guess---"Dad knows best!"


Amy said...

I know my kids would be thrilled to death to have a cast! Don't fell too bad!