Monday, October 31, 2005


Wyatt the ZOMBIE.
Lily the VAMPIRE.
Wyatt and Lily's friends that always Trick-or Treat together. Emma, Lily, Savannah, Wyatt, Rachel, Thomas and Trevor.

The kids had a great time trick-or-treating tonight!! We were so lucky that the rain held out and we actually had perfect weather. It wasn't even all that cold. We pretty much covered the whole neighborhood. After about 2 hours-they had had it!! We got way too much candy as usual! Lily is in the shower now trying to get all the black hairspray and make-up off! That stuff is messy! She wants to wear her black nail polish to school tomorrow. Oh, speaking of school, Lily had the BEST day today! She was the only one in her whole class to get a 100% on her reading test ( it was a big test over the whole reading book that they used last semester). She got to go visit the principal for a pat on the back and a Superstar Student pencil! She was so excited! She also got 100% on her spelling pre-test and got the challenge list for the week! She's feeling really good!

Well, Jeff just told me that the black hairspary is not coming out in the shower, so I need to go see what I can do!! Yikes!!


Amy said...

Cute costumes. When did you have time to do makeup?! My kids got off the bus at 4 and were dressed and ready by 4:30-makeup done by themselves!