Thursday, October 20, 2005

OK, I finally found it. A way that I can "scrapbook"(and journal) that is easy, free and not so time consuming!(Thanks Amy!) I am going to try my best to keep up with it!
Here is a picture of Wyatt playing football. He's the one in the white jersey and black elbow pads blocking. Their last game is Saturday---and it's the championship!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!
Well, I'm going to spend the morning at school helping with iron-on transfers for t-shirts! Then the kids get out early today. Why can't I ever say "NO"? Oh well, I do love being at school. My house will just have to stay a mess I guess!!


Amy said...

Try just pressing enter three or four times at the start of the message. It should scoot it down enough. I can't believe how big and old Wyatt has gotten! It seems like just yesterday when they were little.