Sunday, October 23, 2005

Headless Horseman

They had a really neat music section-here's Lily playing the drum.
Wyatt and his friend Trevor on the "Headless Horseman" hayride.
Lily and her friend Emma getting ready to go into the fortune teller tent.
Wyatt and Trevor after getting their fortunes told.

Last night we met our good friends the Allens at Conner Prairie for their Headless Horseman event. They have a "scary" hayride through the woods and the Headless Horseman appears! I was suprised, none of the kids were scared at all-they actually laughed the whole time. It started raining the minute we got on the hayride and came down pretty hard until the very minute we stepped off and then it didn't rain the rest of the night! It was still fun, though. They had a lot to do there--a puppet show, a great music section where the kids could play all kinds of homemade instuments along with the music and a fortune teller in a tent that actually knew everything about them!! Wonder how she knew all that stuff? I think the boys had her all figured out--considering they saw us sign a mysterious "permission slip" before they could go in!! They still loved it! It was a really fun night and put us in the Halloween spirit!


Julia Elvarado said...
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Amy said...

What in the world is the comment before mine? Looks like the Halloween thing was fun.