Monday, July 30, 2007


For some reason when these 2 get together, the dress up clothes come out. Lily is in her Halloween costume that I made when she was 3 or 4.
Lily spent the day with her friend Leia yesterday. They moved to China several months ago and were home for a few weeks. They left today and won't be back for a year. They were so sad. Lily hid Leia's shoes so she couldn't leave. It didn't quite work. At least they got to spend some quality time together while she was here.
Wyatt started CSI camp today. They hiked and found a dead raccoon(really just a pelt) and they have to investigate to figure out what it died from. They said it was a lot of fun. We're trying to decide if he's going to miss Friday. We want to leave for Kentucky to go to the lake Thursday night so we'll just wait and see.