Saturday, July 21, 2007

Emma, Lily and Savannah at lunch.
Wyatt and Trevor at lunch.

Lily on the tube slide.
Wyatt on the tube slide.
Lily and Emma in front of the big slides.
Lily at the 4H fair "walking a llama".
We went to a nice water park yesterday with Tracee and the kids. It was a good size and we were able to see them from anywhere pretty much. It was the cleanest water park I've ever been to. We all had such a good time.
Last night was the 4H fair. Jeff and Wyatt went to the tractor pull and Lily and I walked around and looked at everything. They had a new Llama building with lots of free games, etc. She got to walk a llama through an obstacle course. It was a busy day and we all slept well last night.
Wyatt got the new Harry Potter book today and has been engrossed in it. I think we are going to see the Harry Potter movie tomorrow night while Lily is at a b-day party.