Friday, July 27, 2007


It's so great to live in a place that offers so many free activities for kids. This week we have gone to a free sprinkler park that gave out free popscicles and watermelon, we did free mini golf, free bowling camp and today, a free movie. We have managed to stay very entertained for very little money---gotta love that!

The kids were so sad for bowling camp to be over. They had the best time this year. Their "counselor" was a super nice teenager that rewarded them with tickets and tokens from the arcade. Lily came home with a huge stuffed dog plus lots of other stuff and Wyatt and Rachel had a bunch of tickets to "spend" too. He was also very instructional and they learned a lot. They all bowled in the 120's the last day. It is always one of their favorite camps-and this year, even more so.

I'm so ready for my hubby to be home. We've seen him one day in the last 2 weeks. He gets home this evening-yay! He's been traveling with his boss and his boss's boss who is the VP. He wanted to see Jeff's stores to see what he is doing right because his district has been doing so well. He said his time with them went really well-so that's a good thing. I know he's ready to be home, though, and we are ready for him to be home!