Thursday, July 05, 2007


Lily with sparklers.
Wyatt with many sparklers.

Horses in the parade.
Wyatt and Michael "gettin' jiggy with it".

Watching fireworks.

At the parade.

Lighting foreworks.
The kids' favorite fireworks---parachutes come down out of them.

Well, it was a fun holiday. Yesterday we had our neighbor get together with lots of food and fireworks. Jeff got some really big ones this year and they were great! Today we went to the town parade. Lily decided she didn't want to ride on her dance studio float this year so she could actually watch the parade.
Tomorrow we leave for Myrtle Beach---yay! We're all so excited and ready! Still have lots to do in the morning to get ready! See you in 12 days with lots of pictures, I'm sure!!!


Amy said...

12 DAYS!!! You are so lucky. I'm jealous!