Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sad boys after the game.
The khaki short dads at the fence--funny. This was their usual spot.
The coach had this made for the boys and hung it in the dugout before their tournament game. Wyatt's pic is on the bottom left.

Lily getting on the bus for Girl Scout camp.
So sweet--Lily and Emma walking to the bus holding hands---they just love each other.
Emma and Lily ready to go.
Well, we have baseball and dance under our belts for a while. So happy! I feel like I can finally relax and enjoy REAL summer where there is nothing much to do. This week has been great. Lily is going to Girl Scout camp all day and Wyatt has a 3 hour camp each day. We have had no other obligations and that's been so nice. I thought I would get so much done around the house but that hasn't really happened. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!