Monday, June 11, 2007

Here are a couple of soccer pics a mom on the team sent me. They were using these giant umbrellas to keep the sun off. The top one is of the team with their trophies after their last game.
The kids had their yearly check ups today. They were so happy they didn't have to get any shots. Wyatt almost did. I guess they changed the booster he needed so they don't get it until age 11. He was happy.
I was glad she told Lily she still needed to be in a car seat, though. I knew she did and she really doesn't mind, but a couple of times she has said "But I AM 8." She is still too small for the seat belt to fit her correctly, though and the Dr said her knees should be able to bend over the edge of the seat with her back against the back. I think the law should be by size and not age. 8 year olds vary so much.
She also told Wyatt he needs to eat his vegetables. Yeah, right. We're making baby steps-and we're happy about that.
Oh, and the puberty thing. Yep. Confirmed. Mood swings for the next several years. Yippee!