Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Lily with 2 of her friends from class.
Saying goodbye.
Lily with Mrs. Radant.

Before school.
Wyatt going up to get one of his awards.
The last march out of the school.
Wyatt with Mrs. Fritz.
I took this same exact picture on Wyatt's first day of Kindergarten. I'll have to dig it up to compare!
Well, I must say yesterday was an emotional day. They really make the last day of school special for the 4th graders. Their awards program is in the morning. I knew Wyatt was going to get the A-B honor roll award, but was surprised by a couple of others he got. They announced the attendance awards. Lily got her 98%--due to her broken arm. Then they announced the 100%. Wyatt's name was not called. I was thinking--darn it-they counted him absent for Space Camp-which they were not supposed to. But he wasn't called for 98% either. The teacher I work with caught my eye and said just hang on. So the principal said he had some special attendance awards to announce. The following students have had 100% attendance for 2 years straight. 2 kids got an award. One student has had 100% for 3 years straight. They announced a boy. Then the following student has had 100% attendance for 4 years straight. Wyatt Searcy. What a great surprise. He also got the President's Education Award, for which a 90% average for the year and Pass + in both Language Arts and Math on I-Steps is required. He got a certificate and letter from the White House and "signed" by the president, plus a pin. He also got a certificate and a pin for safety patrol and also for graduating. I was very proud of him.
Then,they showed a video of the 4th graders through the years--starting with pics from Kindergarten all the way up. The music itself was enough to make you lose it.
At the end of the day, they paraded throught he hallway and out the front door with all of the other grades lining the halls and clapping and saying goodbye.
I could tell Wyatt was doing his best to hold it together a few times.
It was hard for me to say goodbye to the kids I worked with, too. They all kept asking me if I was going to be back next year, and when I said yes-they cheered. Yeah-made me feel good. I feel very blessed to have my job. I feel like it was made for me and I could not think of a better place to work than Hinkle Creek.
I'm looking forward to the break, but I will also look forward to going back when the time comes. Let the summer begin!!!