Monday, June 18, 2007


This is the dock from the boat. You can see their house up the hill. It's a gorgeous setting.

Wyatt's favorite thing was tubing. He was on forever!
Lily liked tubing but her favorite was the jet ski-she did not want to get off of it! She and I rode it for a long time. We were getting a lot braver after a while and she was yelling at me to go faster and jump waves. She is such a daredevil!

Wyatt driving the boat.

Lily jumping in.

Lily on the jet ski with her "dadaddy"---Jeff's dad.
Wyatt had a few balance issues with the jet ski.

We had a super weekend in Lexington. Went out with my parents and brother Friday night. Spent Saturday at the lake with Jeff's dad and step mom. We love it there. The kids have a great time playing and swimming and it's so relaxing. We'll go back later this summer to spend a whole weekend there. We love to take the boat to the different marinas to eat. We actually looked at a marina that is for sale. Jeff would love to buy one and run it. We weren't too impressed with this one and would only do it if the perfect one came along. Sunday we went to church with my fam and out to lunch. All the dad's had good father's days. We then took Jeff's mom out to lunch(yes, that's right---2 lunches yesterday-have to be good this week!). Her b-day is Tuesday so we took her out for that. It was just a nice, though busy, weekend.

The kids are at VBS right now. They were excited to go. There were about 300 kids there. They each took a friend, but knew tons of kids there, too. Our church has a really good VBS. It gives me a few hours each day to myself, too, which is nice!


Amy said...

Looks like fun. We're researching the Freedom Boat Club right now. We'd love a boat, but don't want the hassle of storing since we're not on the water.

Love your new family pic. Talk to you soon!