Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wyatt's team lost their first game yesterday. He did well, though, making 2 baskets and playing great defense. It was a very low scoring game. He played 5 out of the 6 "quarters" and was worn out. I have not been good at getting a pic of him shooting a basket. I get too excited when he gets the ball and just have to watch. In this pic they are just getting ready to start a quarter.


Amy said...

Did you know that those wristbands that they wear have a ranking system? At least here they do. I know blue is best and it goes down from there-not sure what the other colors mean. I do know that Tan's coach always gives him like the 3rd or 4th ranked band (even though he's pretty good) so that he never guards anyone good. So not cool. I told Stewart he should coach this year. He just wouldn't listen. To make things even worse, his coach turned out to be one of Stewart's fraternity bros. so he really doesn't feel like he should say anything. That's life.