Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and Christmas, ct'd.

Well-really didn't want this pic to end up first. Oh, well. My mom got Lily these Only Hearts Club dolls for Christmas and she loves them. I think they are probably her favorite thing she got all together. Here she has them all tucked in for the night with their pets, etc.
Lily in her new U.K. pj's. They say Kentucky Girl.

I got the new Super Scrabble game for my mom since we play Scrabble all the time when I'm there. We played it twice, each game lasting 3 hours!! Here is our board after our second 3 hour game. We were up til midnight(my mom, my brother and I) playing!
Lily with Jeff's mom----her Mimi.
I got Wyatt to get in on a picture with her too.
Wyatt and Lily with their Great Grandmother, Jeff's Granny. She is 87 years old and still going strong!
My mom gave Wyatt Hot Pockets. He thought it was hilarious!
Jeff, my dad and my brother, Steve playing Wyatt's new game called Chairs. They played this game over and over. You have to stack the chairs so they don't fall. They got it a couple of times.
Playing with their new stuff.
Wyatt and Lily with their cousins Max and Ellie.
Lily and Ellie.
Steve playing Uno with Lily. Wyatt is , of course, playing with his DS.

This is at Chuck E Cheese after Christmas with friends Emma, Savannah and Trevor.
Kentucky sunset.
Lily has become an expert wrapper. She actually wrapped all the extended family gifts this year and she does an excellent job. It's SO nice to have help with that job!
My mom's usual mountain of gifts.
Well, NOW I think I can officially say Christmas is over. We got back from Kentucky last night where we had 3 more Christmases and 2 birthdays with our families. The kids got way too much, as usual and loved spending time with family.
We have today to regroup and are headed off to Frankenmuth, MI for a couple of fun days before school starts back.
This time we are staying at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. We're just gonna relax, let the kids swim and shop a little. The kids want to do another horse and carriage ride, too and we are hoping they still have all of the Christmas decorations up. Frankenmuth is known for its elaborate holiday decorating since the largest Christmas store in the world is located there. We will, of course, have to eat at Zhender's, my favorite!
Happy New Year everyone!!!