Friday, January 05, 2007


Part of the outside of our hotel.It is huge-this is just the lobby and conference center part-the rooms are in different sections.

A crazy game in the Family Fun Center arcade where you jump at a certain time to get a jackpot.
This is at Zehnder's restaurant. They had some really unique decorations.

Lily playing in one of the pools.

A life size nativity scene in town. The whole town is decked out in Christmas decorations with many really unique ones. We were glad they hadn't taken them down yet.

This is a view from our balcony of the covered bridge you have to cross to get to the hotel.

Lily in the waterfall pool.
The hotel has a full size mini golf course inside--it was a really nice one, too with waterfalls and hills.
Wyatt loves mini golf.
Jeff was bragging about being the Whack-a-Mole champ with the game high score----that is til I came along and beat it--ha!
They had 2 pool tables--and Wyatt loved playing. I would love to have one in our basement. I forgot how much fun it is!

Wyatt and Lily under the huge REAL Christmas tree in the main lobby.
On our balcony-the view of the town and water was great!
Lily at one of the pools.
They had a play area-Lily liked the slide because it was super fast!
Munching her many tickets. We found a game that spit out at least 50 each time!

We had a great time on out trip to Frankenmuth, MI. The kids were in heaven in the hotel's HUGE arcade(over 100 games!), 5 swimming pools and mini golf course! It was a kid haven! We managed to get out and do some shopping at the huge outlet mall! We found some really great deals! I think after Christmas may be the time to outlet mall shop--with some of the stores having 50% off!! There is a Gap clearance center(different from an outlet) that was going out of business. I got a preemie baby outfit for Lily's Bitty Baby for 12 cents!! We went back the next day because they were getting in one last truckload of stuff and the place was so packed, I walked right back out! I love to shop and I love me some bargains---but I am just not into that competitive, knock down, drag out shopping. I glanced at this lady's stuff she had in a box on the floor(people had at least 50-100 items in boxes) and she about bit my head off that THOSE were ALL hers!! Not my idea of fun!! Oh, and we found an awesome new tree topper at the huge Christmas store there, too! It's a giant light up, beaded star that we all love! We also had some really great food---our last hurrah before our healthy eating starts---Jeff and I are determined to get our extra weight off!!
Now we have 3 days before school starts back and a totally full schedule for next week that I'm already dreading!! Oh well, I guess it will be kind of nice to get back into a routine---hectic as it may be!