Tuesday, December 26, 2006


These pictures are not in order. This is the countdown board the kids marked everyday.

One of Lily's favorite things. It was in her stocking. You add water and it makes fake snow that you can mold and play with. It's called Sno-Wonder. She "cooked" with it all day. It lasts for months and you keep rehydrating it with water.
Wyatt with his Nintendo DS.
Chillin' in the afternoon.
Our yummy dinner of beef tenderloin.

Wyatt opening his sleeping bag.
Wyatt's favorite gift-his DS.
Lily getting into her stocking. She loved her big earrings.
On her bike. It was the exact one she wanted so she was thrilled. Too bad it's been yucky weather out.
Lily's doll bed. She loved it! It matches her room perfectly.

Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Right before bed with Santa's cookies and milk.
We always have to read The Night Before Christmas before bed.

Letters and goodies left for Santa. Carrots for the reindeer, too. Here's what the letters say.
Lily's says: Dear Santa, Did you like the cookies and milk?(Circle yes or no---he circled "yes", of course) The carrots are for the reindeer. I hope I get alot of presents this year. Love, Lily P.S. Please and Thankyou.
Wyatt's says: Santa, I hope you're not Lactose Intolerant. From, Wyatt (always the commedienne)
The haul. Most of Wyatt's is expensive electronics in small packages so it doesn't look like much!!!

Before Christmas---making a gingerbread house.
Decorating a gingerbread snowman.
The finished product.
It turned out really cute.

Not the best picture, but here are Wyatt and Lily with their friends Trevor, Emma and Savannah on Christmas Eve outside of Logan's. We went to eat there after church.
Well, another year over. The kids had a great Christmas and were happy with what Santa left for them. We had a very relaxing day of eating and napping. It's going to be so nice to have a few days off for all of us! I'm looking forward to doing some fun things with the kids. Then we will travel to Kentucky on Friday to have Christmas and New Years there.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!!!