Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Lily and her friend Anna that is in her class.
Getting on the bus. Of course, Lily had to be first and, of course, they let her. Emma and Lily.
Lily at her desk.
Wyatt getting off the bus.
Lily getting off the bus.
Ready to go. As opposed to Lily below, Wyatt will still wear whatever I want him to--he picked his own clothes out over the summer-but not sure I quite trust his fashion sense yet for school. He did know exactly what kind of shoes he wanted, though and we had to go to several stores to find them in his size-he loves his new Adidas Superstars(they had to be the red ones!)

My fashion diva. She picked this outfit out at the store and was determined to wear it the first day of school. She even told me exactly how she wanted her hair fixed. Lily and Sam.
The bus stop gang. Michael, Rachel, Sam, Wyatt and Lily.

Well, a lot has happened over the last few days. Lily fell off her bike and broke her arm Sunday night. We took her to the ER and they told us it was a clean break and would need to be casted in a couple of days. So the next morning I made the appointment and her ortho guy(sad that she has an ortho guy) took further x-rays and determined the break was worse than we thought and she needs surgery to straighten it out. It's been a nightmare--and we're still working on it as we speak--trying to get the surgery scheduled, etc.
Anyway, onto more positive stuff---they were so excited about the first day of school. Lily is in no pain and it hasn't slowed her down a bit! The morning went very smoothly and I think they will have a great day!