Monday, August 21, 2006


Right after she woke up from her very short nap (see below), Lily was back to her old self. She was craving Chinese food and I promised her she could have anything she wanted today, so we ordered Chinese. It was so yummy and she ate a lot! She is supposed to rest and keep her arm elevated all day, but I had a hard time getting her to do that-she has a hard time staying still. At least she was still for 2 hours or so when we watched The Wizard of Oz together. I really enjoyed just spending the day with her-she is truly one of my favorite people to be around(I'm sure we all feel that way about our kids-but something about Lily-I feel that we are going to have the same close Mother/ Daughter relationship that my mom and I have-and that would make me incredibly happy!) OK-enough sap-sorry-don't know what got into me ;-)
I'm SO tired from getting up at 5 am! Even with the nap I took! I am just NOT a morning person and never will be!!
Well, have a meeting tonight, better go get something done!!