Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We had a great long weekend. Actually got to go out to dinner without the kiddos on Friday night. Lily was at a sleepover and Wyatt was at a church function with a friend. We tried a new local restaurant and it will now be one of our favorites----so good! We tried another new place(Mexican) on Saturday with the kids and it was great, too. Sunday after church Lily and I ran around all day shopping and running errands. Lots of little things I've been meaning to get to and have had no time. Then Monday we made our monthly Costco trip and another interesting shopping trip I can tell you about in a couple of weeks. We also spent over an hour at the library. Wyatt wanted some new books and before we bought them decided to check the library. They had them all. Can't see spending $8 on a paperback when we can check it out for free! Especially when he is reading 400 page books in a day!
Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention my Lia Sophia jewelry party I had last month. If anyone ever asks you to host one and you like jewelry---do it! I got $800 worth of jewelry for $150 and I love it all! And it was no work at all-the rep does all the work with the invites, etc. It was the easiest home party I've ever had and I got the most stuff I've ever gotten, too. Anyway, you'd think I was selling it(not going there again). Sometimes you're just not as happy with stuff from a catalog once you see it in person, but I thought these all looked better in person, so I was happy.