Monday, February 25, 2008

Our trip to Kentucky this weekend was nice. Got to visit lots of people. I didn't take any pics, though. We were just too busy.
My dad is doing Weight Watchers and we've been eating healthier, so there was lots of talk about food, weight, points and calories. Wyatt has been really good about doing the treadmill for the last couple of months now (not always without some urging, of course). Anyway, he got on the scale and we realized he's lost 8 lbs! That's huge for him and he is so excited and proud of himself. He's totally into it now and is counting his Weight Watchers points. Even when we ate out this weekend, he made healthy choices----a baked sweet potato! Are we talking about MY son? He even had me pack his lunch today with healthy food. Hopefully his enthusiasm will last!