Friday, February 08, 2008


The funky look.
Check out those abs! Is that a 2 pack?
Disco fever?
What would you like?
Gotta accessorize! I think that's a skirt as a poncho-very resourceful! Project Runway-watch out!

I haven't taken many pictures lately, but I was going through some old ones. At Christmas time, Lily organized a fashion show for her and her younger cousin. They went in the bathroom and Lily put together the outfits and they did a runway show. She has a really good fashion sense, I think. Love the "waitress look" with the towel over the arm-ha!
She loves clothes. Hmmm--wonder where she gets that from? She picked her clothes out last Sunday night for the week-I'm talking shoes and all. And I didn't even ask her to do it! She's so darn organized. Definitely gets that from her dad!
Anyway, just thought the pics were cute and wanted to share.
PF Chang's for dinner tonight-can't wait!!


Amy said...

We had PF Chang's for lunch today. Love the lettuce wraps and hot and sour soup! Yum-o!