Monday, September 24, 2007


Lily with her Cecchetti certificate.

So typical Lily. Miss social. Her and Maggie were on defense and a little bored since the ball wasn't coming their way too often. So, they are having a friendly chat. Right after this, the coach told them to move up closer.
Lily and Rachel at Anderson Speedway. You can see the cars in the background.
Rachel, Lily and Wyatt(and unknown little boy) getting ready for their ride around the track in the pace car.
Lily with her dance teacher Miss Michele.
We had a fairly busy weekend. Friday night was movie night at school for Lily and I helped out. The kids both had sleepovers, which is their favorite thing.
Saturday Lily had soccer pictures and a game. They won something like 6-1(not exactly sure). They seem to have a pretty good team and have not lost a game this season. They think it's pretty cool to be "undefeated".
We also went to Anderson Speedway Saturday night. Charlene's company is a sponsor there and we had a suite. We couldn't get over how into it the kids were. They watched it non-stop for over 4 hours! It was pretty entertaining. The highlight was when the kids got to ride around the track at intermission in the pace car.
Sunday Lily had her awards reception for the Cecchetti exam she took. They had food and punch and all got to go up and accept their certificate. They even had their pictures in the paper for it. It was nice.