Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is all Wyatt wanted to do while my brother was here.
Steve with Wyatt and Lily. They adore him.
Just a pic of one of my perennial beds. Things are just starting to bloom.
I love columbine.

Mini golfing.
Lily at bat.
Wyatt's turn.
Lily with the ball at one of her games. Remember the nest I posted about a while back? I think this is one of the baby robins from that nest. He has been out a couple of days.

Lily in her pirate tap costume. She finally got it and it's really cute.
I've been into making homemade pizzas lately. The kids love them. Homemade crust is so easy, I probably won't do it any other way from now on.
I learned this recipe years ago and have made it sporadically since, but haven't in a while til lately. This is one I made last week for the kids and I when Jeff was out of town.
It was hat day at school Friday.
Steve and Wyatt throwing ball.
Lily played her friend Mackenzie Friday. Lily's team lost but played a good game.
Well, it was a fun but busy weekend. My brother, Steve, came to visit. I think we might have run him more than he's used to.
Friday night Lily had a soccer game. They played the best team in the league and lost but they played well. We went to eat at Bub's, a great burger joint, after that and didn't get home til about 10.
Saturday we went to play the free games of mini golf that Wyatt had won at Hinkle Hey Day. We also did the batting cages that were there. The kids, and Steve, had a great time. Steve tried the one out that pitched 85 MPH. Man, it was fast. He hit them, though!
We went to lunch and then to Lily's soccer game. Her team won by a goal. It was a good game and she did well. We grilled out some great steaks for dinner, then Wyatt had his baseball game at 8:30. He did well and hit the ball both of his times up to bat. His team also won. It was the best game they have played all season--I think Steve was our good luck charm. He may have to drive up for all of their games! We didn't get home til 11 that night! Poor Steve. He loved every minute of it, though, being the sports fan that he is.
Sunday we went to church and lunch and came home to hang out and play around in the yard. The kids really hated to see him go. I did, too. We'll have to get him up here more often. Here that, Steve?


Amy said...

What kind of tree is that in the background of the 3rd picture? We have one of these. Looks like a great weekend!