Friday, May 04, 2007


Lily LOVES this little boy! Actually, all the girls in the class do, too!
Lily's class.

Lily and her teacher Mrs. Radant-she looked great!

Lily in her poodle skirt I made-I thouoght it turned out pretty good for the amount of time I spent on it-which wasn't much!
They did a play for us before the sock hop-Lily was a narrator.
Lily and Korbyn.
Lily and Emma.

Lily had her 2nd grade sock hop last night. It's something they do every year at Hinkle Creek. They had SO much fun. Lily danced non-stop the whole hour and a half! As a matter of fact, people were commenting to me on how much she liked to dance! She knew a lot of the 50's dances from her recital last year-it was all 50's. It was a fun night.
Her sleepover party is tomorrow night. I have SO much to do to get ready!
Oh, forgot to mention......I got the official word(in the form of a hand delivered letter from the principal that I had to sign for) today that I have my job back next year---yay!!