Monday, May 14, 2007


With my babies at PF Chang's on Mother's Day.

Wyatt on second base after his hit.
This is after he slid into home-I was too excited watching to get a pic of him sliding.

I posted pics of this nest a while back with 4 eggs in it. They have hatched and there are now 4 adorable baby birds that we watch every day.
Jeff lifting Lily up to see the birds.

Newly hatched. They are already so much bigger.

Some of the pots I planted.

My hanging basket. A mother's day gift from the kids-a new bird feeder.
Another gift-a nice wind chime.
Lily "laying out".

Wyatt working his game at Hinkle Hey Day.
Me painting Lily's face.
Lily, Emma, and Savannah hanging out at Hey Day.
Can you believe this is $170 worth of flowers?!?!