Monday, March 19, 2007


These are all out of order. This is Wyatt dipping string in the wax to make a candle on pioneer activity day. It was a fun day for them and they did different pioneer activities all day. I managed to sneak in to a couple of them and snap some pics.

Wyatt square dancing on pioneer activity day.
Making candles.
So sweet. He brought this to my room(which is right scross the hall from his) and laid it on my desk. The note says "for you". It's the finished candle he made-he knows how much I love candles. What a sweet boy.

Lily on the day they got to bring a towel, dress tropical and eat lunch on the floor with their friends. They loved it. Wyatt would have died if I would have tried to get a pic of him. I can still get away with it with her.
I did "Art to Wear" at the last Brownie meeting. They painted t-shirts and each other's faces. They loved it. Lily sketching out her design.
Lily painting Anna's face. She already had Anna's handywork on her face. A pair of flip-flops. Great job, Anna!
The t-shirts turned out so cute. This week we are continuing this try-it and beading socks. Hmm-needles and thread-should be interesting!
More of Wyatt square dancing. I think he liked it more than he would ever admit!