Thursday, March 01, 2007


Wyatt to the right in the blue shirt running out when his team was announced.
Short hair again-yay!

It's been a fairly busy week. Monday night Wyatt has his Upward awards night. They had all of the teams come out on stage and then had a really cool puppet show. Of course, Wyatt said it was babyish-Lily loved it. They all got a really nice Upward duffel bag. I can't say enough about this program-we will definitely do it again next year. His team ended up doing well-only losing one game and having one tie. He scored 2 baskets in the last game and was happy about that. The sweetest thing was---there was at least one kid on each team that had not scored all year. The other players literally stood back and let them shoot until one went in. It was really nice. They were SOO happy.
Wyatt got is hair cut short again with a little urging. He's happy with it, though. I think it looks much better!