Sunday, March 04, 2007


One of the 4th grade teachers ringing the bell before school.
Rachel and Wyatt with their teacher.

Wyatt opening his presents my mom sent.
Pioneers marching in the hall. The teachers kept telling them to get their knees up.

This was too funny. Wyatt's teacher saw me watching outside her door, so she had Wyatt stand facing away from the board and recite what was on it. Something I guess they did in pioneer days. He couldn't remember the last line, so she had him sit in the dunce chair. See above picture. You can see how red his face is in this pic. Poor guy.
The teachers ringing bells when the kids were walking in. They were yelling "come to books".

Lily and Anna after their Libby Lu makeovers.
Performing out front . Lily was totally in her element and loving every minute of it.
Getting her makeover.

This shirt was part of the 5 goodies they got to pick out. She wore it for 2 days straight and then still didn't want to take it off. If only she would heed the sign. HA!

The boys at the movie.
Blowing out candles.
Opening gifts.
My mom sent him 100 one dollar bills. He loved it.
Some of the boys---and Lily.
Whew---busy weekend! Friday was pioneer school day at school. The teachers and 4th graders dress up as pioneers and spend the morning in "pioneer school" doing things the way they used to in pioneer days. Wyatt was unsure about it but ended up having fun.
Then Friday night, Lily went with her friend Anna to the mall and Libby Lu for her birthday while Wyatt went with Anna's brother to Chuck-e-Cheese. They both had a really great time. Anna, I know you're reading this, and Lily had so much fun! They got rock star makeovers and then performed a song and dance in front of the store.
Last night was Wyatt's party. He had 6 boys over for pizza and then went to see "Bridge to Terabithia". They had fun. The movie was really good---but really sad. A few of them admitted to "almost" crying.
Tonight, the neighbor girls are going out to dinner. Not sure where yet--anything but pizza!!