Friday, December 22, 2006


Wyatt and Rachel at the all school caroling in the library. See more below.

Lily's dance class had parent night to show us what they have been working on.This was a tap routine they are learning. It was so cute and was more jazz/hip-hop than anything. Lily's moves are very sharp--she was really into it.
Flying through the air.
What a beautiful ballerina.

Lily had a part as an elf in her school Christmas program. She got to sing 2 lines all be herself! She was so into it and was very animated with all the hand motions they did.
Lily in her elf costume getting ready to sing her solo lines. She did a fantastic job--we were so proud of her!
With some of her class before the program. Don't they all look nice?
Lily and Leia---who will be moving to China over break---boo-hoo.
Lily's dance class in their reindeer antlers.

Jeff's team got this cookie bouquet for him. It has all of his managers' names on the reindeer and he is Santa.Very cute.
Ashley with her gift of Hot Pockets. We love the commedienne that has the Hot Pockets bit and joke about it all the time. It's become a real running joke with us---especially between Ashley and Wyatt. We just had to wrap some up for her-it was funny!
The neighbor kids at our get together.
The spread at our get together with the neighbors.

Wyatt playing bingo at his class party. Isn't the little girl that sits next to him cute? He thinks so, too. He did the sweetest thing today. They had their classroom auction with the "cougar cash" that they have earned over the quarter. He spent his on a candle for me and snuck it in on my desk. SO sweet. Especially when he could have spent it on a fart machine!!
Lily playing Santa limbo at her class party. I was technically in Lily's party this time and only snuck into Wyatt's for a minute. It's so nice working at the school and still being able to do these things!
Lily with her frineds Emma and Anna. That's also her friend Chandler in the corner.
The whole school in the library singing Christmas carols. A fun yearly tradition at their school.
Look at that sweet face.

Class parties, school programs and dance---oh my!!
We've had a lot going on these last couple of weeks. Here are the pics that I haven't had the time to post. Yes, I know----there are way more pics of Lily than Wyatt. He does not like to have his pic taken and she LOVES to! Plus, she had her program--his isn't til Spring. He'll get his turn---whether he likes it or not!
I'm finally able to breathe today. Last day of work and school today. All the parties are over and we are ready to snuggle in and enjoy an intimate family Christmas with just the 4 of us. We will travel to Kentucky the Friday after to have our Christmases there.