Sunday, October 19, 2008


It was a great weekend! Lily participated in a dance clinic put on by the high school. She had a blast! She is so happy when she's dancing. I was a little worried about her since she had a sleepover the night before and I knew it would be a long day of activity. She was fine, though. Although definitely tired that night! You can't beat the deal. For $20, they are there for 5 hours, learn 2 dances to perform for parents at the end, lunch from Chik-Fil-A, a t-shirt and a CD of all the music to take home with them! Oh, and they gave 2 awards for each age group at the end called "spirit sticks". Lily was so excited that she got one of them.
The last picture is above of her performance at her last acting class last week. She did a soliloquy as well as a scene with another girl. Here she is taking her final bow. Of course I told Jeff the wrong date and he was out of town. We gathered some friends so she had somebody to watch her besides me. She did a great job. She'll probably do another session since she really wants to start trying out for plays. We're going to take a little break, though.
Today Wyatt had his first tournament game in football. They played a tough team and won 19-0. It was great. They play again next Sunday. They played at a high school stadium so it was hard to get pictures.
Oh, we also spent 2 days cleaning Lily's room. I took everything out of the bottom of her closet and it filled her whole room! Rediculous! It looks so good now. She is wanting it redone and I told her no way til it was cleaned out. So we'll be doing that soon. We donated 85 stuffed animals to Goodwill!! I took a pic of her room with all of it out, but not sure if I'm brave enough to post yet. Maybe as a "before" when the room is done!