Sunday, October 26, 2008

2 main events this weekend. Lily did the show choir clinic at the high school and Wyatt had a football game. Lily had a great time. They learned songs from Camp Rock and each grade level performed a different song at the end for the parents. Over 200 kids participated so it was quite a large audience! She is all about performing, though, so she loved every minute of it. Several of her friends did it, too, so that was a plus. I love that they offer these kinds of things around here.
Wyatt's team won their second tournament game 21-0. If they win the next one then it's on to the championship! I hear our next 2 teams will be really tough.
Fall break is next week. We don't have any big plans. A couple of activities with friends and painting Lily's room. We finally decided what we want to do and I think it will be really cute. It's all going to be pink and green. She's excited. We have some fun projects we want to do. She's really into it this time, so it's fun. It will still be a busy week, with football and parent/teacher conferences thrown in!