Monday, August 25, 2008


Peyton Manning

Friday night the Noblesville Millers (our high school team) was the first team to play at the new Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts will play. It was pretty cool. I think half the town was there---literally. We did get embarrassingly spanked---but it was still fun. Saturday Wyatt had his scrimmage football game and Sunday we spent the day on the boat.
This week is going to be CRAZY busy. Wyatt's open house/parent night at school tonight. Football practice Tues, Wed and Thurs nights. Lily starts her drama class Thursday night (of course at the same time as football). Then we are leaving Friday right after school for the lake for the long weekend. When I will pack-I have no idea. I was SUPPOSED to have a dentist appt in there, too, but that's going to have to give. It will all work out--it always does. Lily is VERY excited about her drama class. I can't wait to see what they do.