Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wyatt at 6:30 am. I was lucky to get the pic I did--he hates pictures!
Ready to go.
Lily with some of her buds.
At her desk.
The kids both had a good start to school. Lily got a teacher that we are really excited about. Her first male teacher. She has several friends in her class so she was happy. Wyatt said his teacher is nice and he also had some friends in his class. I've enjoyed being back, too. It's been great to see teachers and kids that I haven't seen all summer. Looks like I'll be eating lunch with 4th grade this year, so Lily is happy about that. I'll be able to eat with her anytime. Funny, Wyatt wasn't too keen on me eating lunch with him in 4th grade. I'm glad she's not there yet!
Wyatt has decided to play football this year with a different league. I'm expecting him home from a long, hard practice any minute. He decided he wanted to try it again, so we were able to get him on last minute. They're home---gotta go!!!