Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wyatt had hiking camp yesterday and today. It's tomorrow also, but we are leaving for KY in the morning. He absolutely loved it. We didn't sign up with anyone and it turned out one of his best buds from his class was also doing it. He knew at least 4 guys. I'm anxious to see how today went. It was at a park we have never been to and it was going to be a 3-5 mile hike. Longer than yesterday. The camp is from 10-2 and it's FREE!

Charlie's Angels??

Lily's good friend Leia is back from China for the summer. She missed her so much. They had some good time together with a sleepover. Here they are making up dance routines.

We've had our boat out a few times. It's so nice to have a place 5 minutes away so we can go out for an afternoon when the mood hits us. The kids(and adults) have had a great time tubing. We are taking the boat down to Jeff's dads tomorrow for the weekend. We will finally try out our new water skis. I'm hoping all the boot camps I've done and the new muscle I have will help me get up on them! The kids are also excited to sleep on the new house boat. We get back on Sunday night then leave again Thursday for Myrtle Beach. Lots of packing and unpacking to be done!