Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We got back from Jeff's dad's on Herrington Lake late Sunday night. We had a blast. I finally filled up the card on my camera. I think it has almost 2000 pics that I need to save. Some highlights were:
*sleeping on the houseboat
*seeing lots of family(23 people on the dock on Saturday)
*kids playing with cousins
*catching lots of blue gill(Wyatt and Lily baiting their own hooks and Wyatt taking the fish off the hook by himself!)
*lots of tubing
*skiing(got up on my first try---yay!)
*water trampoline
*jet-ski rides
*watching fireworks show from the boat
*driving back from fireworks with 2 pontoons and our boat hooked together side by side
*yummy food
*taking the pontoon to breakfast at the marina Sunday morning(a tradition)

Pictures will come later!