Tuesday, January 01, 2008


First picture of 2008. We were so tired from our busy trip and happy to be home and vegging on our couch in our pj's for New Year's eve. We all made it to see the ball drop-but barely! Lily fell asleep around 11:00 and Wyatt right before midnight. Lily woke up just in time and I woke Wyatt back up. They wanted to see the ball drop so bad.

Santa came!!!

Lily's "shopping spree" we gave her. There are gift cards inside for all of her favorite stores at the mall. We are going tomorrow-she's so excited!
Wyatt got a keyboard.

At my parents' house--pixel chicks.
This game is so fun--I love to play it!
Lily and Daddy.
Lily and Wyatt's new cousin-Toby--such a sweetie!
Cousins---Eliie and Max.

At the japanese steak house on my birthday---Steve and Wyatt trying not to get their eyebrows singed--haha!

My yummy Baskin Robbins cake.
At Nema and Papaw's house.

Cousins Haley and Hannah.

Playing Scrabble--our favorite.

On Christmas Eve with friends Trevor, Emma and Savannah.
Ready for Santa.
We spent Christmas Eve making cookies.