Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's been a while since I've posted. Last weekend I drove to Kentucky for my Aunt Barbara's funeral. She was my mom's sister and they were very close. She also helped raise me as she babysat me when my mom worked. It was so sad, but also so nice to have our large family together. There were 35 of us in the family section alone. It was a very nice funeral. The pictures above are of a plaque that was made for her great grandaughter. My cousin,the mother of this 1 year old girl was the flower girl in my wedding 18 years ago.
Barbara had requested a certain song to be played at her funeral. It's called If You Only Knew by The Inspirations, a southern gospel band. It was so perfect for her situation. Some of the lyrics are:

Have you prayed for a loved one struggling hard with pain
You asked the Lord for healing, yet their healing never came
And in spite of all your efforts, the good Lord called them home
And it's hard to let go when you're trying to hold on
If you only knew, I'm just going home, your prayers have been answered
My sickness is gone; things look much better from heaven's view
The Son always shines; we're having a time, if you only knew

She will be greatly missed.