Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lily had a blast at her show choir clinic yesterday---she got to perform "Bop to the Top", so she was in heaven. She also had her last soccer game and it was a a nail biter! They managed to squeak out the win in the last minute of the game which gives them only one loss for the season!! I'll post pics later. No time now---need to do some last minute cleaning and shopping before the in-laws arrive and then it's off to Chicago in the morning!!
Oh, Jeff painted the upstairs guest/kids bathroom yesterday, too. It looks great-I'll post pics of that later, too.
Countdown to Oprah----2 days;-)


Amy said...

You'll have so much fun! Is Jeff going to be out of town, too? So nice to have in-laws to help out, isn't it? I'm loving mine!