Friday, October 19, 2007

Lily did a dance clinic last Saturday put on by the high school dance team. It was great---for $20, they learned 3 dances, got a t-shirt, a CD of all their music and lunch. She had a blast! I was amazed at what they had learned in one day. This pic is of the big girls showing one of their routines. I videoed Lily's. Tomorrow she's doing a show choir clinic put on by the high school choir. They are doing High School Musical so she's really excited. They will also have a performance at 2:30.
Lily with some of her class friends at her Fall party today.
Pumpkin bowling.
My new haircut-terrible picture! Lily took a couple with the flash and I kept closing my eyes, so this was without the flash and it's blurry. I took a pic in and this ended up a bit shorter than the pic, but I like it. I got so many looks and comments from the kids at school today. I'm thinking it won't take nearly as long to blow dry-so that's a good thing. I was beginning to dread washing my hair because it took so long to dry.

Countdown to Oprah---4 days!!


Tracee said...

It looks really cute!