Friday, September 05, 2008


Lily tubing with cousins Haley and Hannah

Cousins----Ellie, Lily and Hannah
Lily loves the Sea-Doo

1st time in about 20 years! I skied several times---but, no pictures---luckily!

Wyatt driving the boat-now we know he really SHOULD be 12 years old to drive it and take a class---he'll do that next summer. He really does a great job driving--even going really fast.
Lily and Haley on the trampoline.

Lily getting a turn on Uncle Tucker's guitar. They also all played his trumpet later that night.

We had such a great time at the lake this weekend. We all just love it there. Sleeping on the houseboat is so peaceful.
It's been a busy week and will be a pretty busy weekend, too. Wyatt is playing in the band at the high school football game tonight. I'm listening to him practice his trumpet right now. Not too bad for 3 weeks practice! His first football game is on Sunday. He's ready.
Lily has loved her drama classes. They will do a performance at the end. She is doing a soliloquy(sp?) of Lucy from Charlie Brown. She's excited.