Monday, April 28, 2008


Wyatt had his first game last night. He was nervous but he did well. He got a good solid hit but the player at second was thrown out and it was the third out. I think his coach is going to be very good this year. Very positive and motivating. We're looking forward to a fun season. Since they both did well in their games they got to pick where we ate after church today. Golden Corral---not our favorite. Not too easy to eat healthy there. I'll have to kick it up at boot camp tomorrow. 3 down now and I wasn't nearly as sore after the third one.
The bottom pic is Lily and Emma at Wyatt's game. I thought it was a sweet pic.
No school tomorrow-yay!
Headed to Chuck-E-Cheese with Jenny and kids. I keep thinking that last time we were on our way to meet her there, we were in an accident and got rear ended. Hmmm. Maybe I'll go a different way ;-)


Tracee said...

What a sweet picture of the girls.