Saturday, December 15, 2007


Lily a biography project in which she had to make a poster and give a speech. They also got extra credit for dressing like the person. She chose Martha Washington. I was able to sneak in and watch her(a perk of the job) and she did a great job. Like the hat I made in 2 minutes from her shepherd costume? Looks OK from a distance ;-)

Lily's Brownie troop did Jazzercise at one of their meetings with a troop from another school. They divided up into groups and made up their own routines---right up her alley!
Our first big snow.
Wyatt practicing his guitar. He's learned to play Sweet Home Alabama!
Lily's dance studio performed at a local nursing home. Her class did Jingle Bell Rock.
Lily was a shepherd in the church Christmas program. Here she is with her twin friends Elaine and Katie. They did a great job.
It's been a busy couple of weeks, as it always is this time of year. I don't know where December has gone!! Above are some of the highlights of our last couple of weeks. I'm sure the next couple will prove to be just as busy! Jeff and I actually got out to nice dinner without the kids last night. We've had a gift card to Eddie Merlot's since last Christmas and decided we'd better use it before it expired! We had the Chateaubriand for Two and it was awesome! Then we did a bit of Christmas shopping afterward. It's been forever since we've had a nice, adult night out---and it was great!
We were supposed to be heading to Kentucky this afternoon for a family get together, but it's snowing like crazy right now and Kentucky is supposed to get it tomorrow. Not sure if we'll be going now.


Amy said...

Snow?! We haven't had snow in years it seems like.